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WPB Cut Sheet

WPB Options
Standard Features  
Optional Items  

WPB Wet Process Bench

      Standard Features Include:

    •  The unit is constructed from all white stress relieved non-corrosive polypropylene, all heat seam welded and tested.
    •  The unit design consideration is for wet process and clean room placement.
    •  Located at eye-level is a full width instrument compartment; the design of this compartment allows for all instrumentation associated with process vessels.
    •  The compartment allows access to two (2) full height rear chase ways for routing of lines, wires, and cables which may be required.
    •  The front of the electrical compartment includes modular removable panels for easy access to components.
    •  The work top is made from ½-inch thick material and is segmented for easy access.  The furthermost front portion is heavily perforated to allow air passage for operator protection.
    •  Below the work top is a secondary containment system spanning the full length of the station and is open to the main rear plenum.  This system contains any spills which may occur and routes them to a common drain.  The secondary containment may be used to collect drains from rinse tanks and sinks.
    •  The work top is supported by a super structure below, and when required it is configured to support process vessels requiring all around lip exhaust.
    •  The unit incorporates a one (1) inch lip in front and sides to prevent spills from escaping.
    •  Just below the front lip is a recessed panel which is designated for mounting remote valves; this allows for the secondary containment system to trap any leaks from valves which may occur.
    •  The rear bulkhead of the station covers the main plenum and contains exhaust slots to allow even distribution of exhausted air.
    •  Below the secondary containment is just enough room to allow for base cabinet storage and is accessible through sliding doors.  The storage space may be deleted when placed in a clean room with side wall return grilles.
    •  All required services connections are at the rear of the unit, but may be placed elsewhere upon request.
    •  A 1½-inch female drain connect is supplied off the secondary containment.
    •  The rear exhaust plenum exists through the top or out the rear.
    •  The exhaust connection is  4 inches x 30 inches and is supplied with a transition stack to 10-inch round.
    •  The open design allows the unit to utilize room lighting but may incorporate a light when required.
    •  The electrical connection is based on voltage requirements (US or European).
    •  The unit size is 34 inches deep x 65 inches high and available in various widths.

Examples of optional Items that can be installed in the WPB:

Utility Sink 

    •  All polypropylene construction
    •  8 inches x 12 inches x 8 inches deep
    •  Drain outlet and overflow tube (removable to drain sink)

Cascading Quench Tank           

    •  All polypropylene construction
    •  8 inches x 8 inches x 10 inches deep
    •  Wall overflow weir and drain to secondary containment
    •  Supplied with DI inlet with remote control valve

DI Gun           

    •  All Teflon construction
    •  Deck Mounted
    •  Retractable