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FCR-Series Cut Sheet
Standard Features  
FCR PFCR Fume Extractor GI
FCR - Hinged Sash
Portable Fume Extractor
GI Series


The Salare FCR Series of fume hoods is designed to specifically meet several industry requirements.   This series of recirculatory hoods addresses many concerns including operator safety, performance reliability, ease of maintenance, and longevity.   Polypropylene fume hoods provide longer life than metal fume hoods when used in highly corrosive applications.

The positive environmental impact of these recirculatory fume hoods as well as the cost savings associated with preserving the conditioned air in the laboratory or building make these FCR Fume Hoods an exceptional value.

The FCR Series is manufactured from all white stress-relieved polypropylene with all joints heat seam welded and tested.   This manufacturing technique produces liquid tight construction and the polypropylene, having excellent chemical resistance to corrosion lends itself to wet processing.

The FCR Series utilizes coconut shell carbon filters* as well as absolute particulate filters (HEPA) to filter a mixture of chemicals and particles effluent in process extracted air.   This series of fume hoods may be configured to filter the air through a series of one to three filters, depending on the chemistry requirement.

As standard these fume hoods are supplied as Recirculatory, Type I, Negative Flow hoods, which utilize filters.     Since ducting can be an absolute requirement for safety reasons, these FCR Fume Hoods may be configured to filter and duct to the outside by the simple addition of an exhaust collar which is already accommodated in the standard unit and can be ordered as an option.

The FCR Series of fume hoods are available in standard sizes from one meter wide up to 1.8 meters in width.   However, custom sizes are available by request.

When the FCR Fume Hood is filtered and ducted we achieve the ultimate in safety requirements; we protect the operator and we preserve the environment.

* Carbon Filters have impregnation specific to the chemical(s) being used in the process.

FCR Ductless Fume Hood            

Standard features include:

  • Constructed from all white stress-relieved, acid resistant, non-corrosive polypropylene. All heat seam welded and tested.
  • Polypropylene work top with lipped front for spillage containment.
  • Heavy duty clear polycarbonate (Lexan), vertically gliding counter-weighted front sash with safety stops.
  • Supplied with automatic Variable Air Volume (VAV) control. Activated by Sash-movement to maintain a safe air flow.
  • Back baffle and internal ceiling panel for horizontal air flow.
  • Two (2) Extractor fan + brushless EBM electric motor(s) with 'low-air flow' alarm.
  • Fluorescent Light and Switch.
  • Safe-filter-change and filter-housing structure.
  • Filter-Inspection-Window.
  • Accommodates two (2) Size 'B' Main Filters.
  • Supplied with two (2) Size 'B' electrostatic FILTRETE particle pre-filter.
  • Main 'ON/OFF' Switch/Circuit Breaker.
  • Configured for 120VAC, 60Hz -or- 230VAC, 50Hz electrical access.
  • Shipped assembled, fully tested and ready to use.