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Recirculatory Fume Hood with Process Capability Standard Features  

FCR PFCR Fume Extractor GI
FCR - Hinged Sash
Portable Fume Extractor
GI Series

PFCR Series
FCR with Processing Capabilities

The PFCR range of recirculatory fume hoods is the newest design implemented by Salare, Inc. as a direct response to user requirements. Whether you have space constraints or budget constraints this two-in-one PFCR alleviates the necessity for two separate units. The flexibility of the PFCR makes it a most valuable addition to any laboratory environment.

A PFCR fume hood comes standard with processing capabilities and incorporates a full width secondary containment. This allows tanks and vessels to be recessed down into the secondary containment area to create lip exhaust when necessary. The work top is segmented to allow easy change out of any process vessel.

The new PFCR range implements a double wall chase where components and controls may be placed and properly protected. This chase allows for remote values and controls to interface with the process components.

State-of-the-art user friendly electronics and air flow monitoring with more sophisticated VAV (Variable Air Volume) permits precise fan control and protection. More powerful fans allow for stacking up to three (3) filters for longevity of filtration media making more time between filter change-out.

The PFCR is made from all white, stress-relieved, acid resistant and non-corrosive polypropylene giving these units the perfect combination of features to handle many aggressive processes. A flame-retardant polypropylene is also available upon request.

The PFCR comes with its own detachable base cabinet for free standing operation. Shorter cabinets may be requested along with lower control locations to conform to the latest ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

Standard Features Include:

  • Constructed from all white stress-relieved, acid resistant, non-corrosive polypropylene, all heat seam welded and tested.
  • Specific material selection for use with harsh acids and other corrosive applications.
  • Double Wall construction allows for a chase for plumbing and wiring on either side, with removable side panels both inside and outside.
  • The front of the unit incorporates a raised front lip for spill containment and is covered with an airfoil to continuously purge across the work top even when the sash is down.
  • Supplied with FILTRETE Pre-Filters.
  • The top portion of the unit is designed to accommodate main carbon filters and additionally may accommodate a security carbon filter as well as a 3-inch HEPA filter when required.
  • Each filter assembly includes its own brushless heavy duty extraction fan.
  • The safe-change filter housing includes a front located access filter panel for convenient filter replacement.
  • Supplied with a fluorescent light fixture in a fume tight compartment which is accessible from the front of the unit.
  • The front of the unit is supplied with a heavy duty, abrasion resistant, clear polycarbonate (Lexan) vertically gliding, counter-weighted front sash with safety stops. The stop may be by-passed when maximum opening is required.
  • The work top is constructed from -inch thick polypropylene, and segmented for easy access and cleaning.
  • The unit incorporates a 16-inch deep full length secondary containment system with a 1-inch FPT drain routed to the rear of the unit for connection to house drain.
  • Below the secondary containment system is a full width base cabinet, which is designated for storage, and is vented to the main plenum for exhaust.
  • The base cabinet is detachable for ease of room entry.
  • As standard the unit is supplied with an automatic Variable Air Volume (VAV) Control, activated by the sash movement to maintain a safe air flow. Includes a built-in filter saturation alarm with low air flow alarm, and digital display with time tracking of filter use.
  • A back baffle and internal ceiling panel helps promote horizontal air flow away from the operator.
  • The unit is supplied with stainless steel stem levelers with polypropylene swivel pads.
  • Electrical requirements are 120VAC, 60Hz, with top junction box connection (or other voltages upon request).
  • Shipped assembled, fully tested and ready to use.


     Exhaust Collar for Filtration and Ducting
     Custom sized to specific space requirements
     Base Cabinet can be custom sized
     Additional accessories and services as required