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M120R Remote Compact Scrubber Cut Sheet
Maelstrom™ Technical Specifications
Standard Features  

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Compact Wet-Scrubbing Systems

This range of compact wet scrubbers have been specifically designed for laboratory fume hoods and are therefore kept as simple and compact as possible. The patented technology employed by Maelstrom™ scrubbers is the same as used on the larger range of industrial scrubbing systems as supplied to the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. This well proven scrubbing technology provides highly efficient and intense mass transfer in the absence of any packing as would normally be in conventional scrubbing systems.

Its unique design and licensed patented nozzle technology makes the system self cleaning and its all polypropylene construction ensure virtually trouble free operation.

Designed for high efficiency in treating a wide range of acids and alkalis, the system is also very effective in removing particulates greater than 10 micron in size.

Remote Compact Wet Scrubbing System  

Standard Features Include:

  • Constructed from all stress relieved, polypropylene.   All heat seam welded and extrusion welded, and tested.
  • Designed for a maximum air flow rate of 490 m3/hr (576 CFM) to 1,470 m3/hr (865 CFM) relative to one, two, or three chamber scrubber system.
  • Efficiencies greater than 98% on gaseous contaminants such as acid or alkali gasses, and approaching 100% efficiency on removing solid particulate greater than 10 micron in size.
  • Supplied with one, two or three 600mm scrubbing chambers with one (1) common inlet/outlet plenum and one(1) one common main sump.
  • Includes a single stainless steel immersible high performance pump with built-in strainer.
  • Supplied as a fully self-contained modularized system, providing convenient installations.
  • Includes a PH control system with probe, and a 20 liter convenient quick change dosing sump.
  • Expected gas side pressure drop is typically 3.2"WG when system is running, 4.2"WG when pump is off.
  • Supplied with a 250mm (10") flanged gas inlet/outlet connection.
  • Includes a suitable control box to NEMA IV with all controls, and isolator.
  • A remote control key pad with audible and visible alarms allow for placing controls near the fume hood, up to 30 meter (100ft) away.
  • All piping is butt fusion with mechanical unions for disassembly.
  • Includes a drain ball valve with adequate overflow.
  • Sump level controlled with electric solenoid (automatic).
  • Electrical requirements are 230VAC 50 or 60Hz 10 Amps (preference requested)

The Maelstrom™ Remote Compact Scrubber System is available in three sizes:

M60 M120 M180
One Chamber
Two Chamber
Three Chamber