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FCE-MS Series Cut Sheet
Maelstrom™ Technical Specifications
Standard Features  
M120 Standard Features  

Quality Policy: Salare's promise to customers is to collaborate with them to design, produce, and deliver highly effective, long-lasting solutions that enhance their laboratory safety. To be recognized as the most valued supplier, meeting the requirements of each and every customer, Salare, Inc. commits to deliver reliable products and services of the highest quality, competitively priced, and deployed on time. Salare will not sacrifice nor compromise its commitment to the promise or to the quality of the products and services that carry the Salare, Inc. brand.

Fume Hood with Built-In Maelstrom™ Scrubber

The Maelstrom™ range of fume hood scrubbers has been specifically designed to reside inside laboratory fume hoods and is therefore kept as simple and compact as possible.  The patented technology employed by Maelstrom™ Scrubbers is the same as the technology used on the larger range of industrial scrubbing systems that are commonly supplied to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  The Maelstrom™ Scrubbers are designed to absorb aggressive and toxic gases and vapors, such as perchloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, sulphuric acid, hydrogen chloride, nitric acid and vapors of such mixtures as aqua regia immediately after they are formed.  The scrubbing of such gases occurs within the confines of the fume hood before the gas is exhausted into the ductwork  and so protects valuable building ventilation systems.

The patented CobraSpray™ nozzles are designed to offer maximum performance with minimal maintenance due to their self-cleaning action.  The feed pressure requirement of the nozzles is for 3 bar only (43 psi), thus the systems are not classified as “high pressure”.  All CobraSpray™ nozzles are manufactured in 316L stainless steel as standard.

This well proven and robust vortex scrubbing technology provides efficient and intense mass transfer in the absence of any packing as would normally be present in conventional scrubbing systems. This allows efficient operation with potentially fouling applications, and is important where solids removal or salt precipitation is anticipated. The accumulation of insoluble solids in the scrubbing liquor poses no threat of blockage for the Maelstrom™ Scrubber.

Because of its innovative design and inherent robustness the Maelstrom™ Fume Hood Compact Scrubber will give many years of reliable, highly efficient, trouble free service.

Double Wall,Acid Resistant Polypropylene, Total Exhaust Fume Hood with Built-in Maelstrom™ Scrubber

Standard Features include:

  • Constructed from all white, stress-relieved, acid resistant, non-corrosive polypropylene, heat-seam welded and tested.
  • Material selection for use with harsh acids and other corrosive applications.
  • Double wall construction allows chase for services on either side with removable side panels, both inside and outside.
  • The front of the unit will incorporate a raised front lip for spill containment with fixed airfoil.
  • The work top will be ½-inch thick polypropylene, and will be heat seam welded and leak tested.
  • Includes a clear, polycarbonate (Lexan), abrasion-resistant front sash, vertically gliding, fitted with sash stops and counter-weighted.
  • Sash working height is 18 inches of opening and stops may be by-passed when needed.
  • Incorporates a rear baffle and internal ceiling panel for horizontal air flow.
  • Unit will have overhead by-pass grille to maintain a relatively constant air flow regardless of sash position to eliminate air turbulence by controlling velocity changes within the fume hood.
  • Supplied with a fluorescent light fixture with two (2) 30-watt lamps in an all-polypropylene compartment, all welded with a translucent polypropylene removable lens and all polypropylene hardware.  Lamps are internally accessible.
  • Supplied with digital air flow monitor with built in light switch and audible and visible alarm functions for constant monitoring of exhaust air.  Fume Hood Alarm includes Digital Display, 3 Relay inputs, 3 Relay outputs, 3 Pushbuttons, and Com port.  Air Flow Monitor operator display panel options include:  Velocity Bar Graph or Alarm Time Line, Velocity display fpm or m/sec, control pushbutton functions, LED indicators, Function and up/down buttons for Menu Configuration and Calibration, and ENTER is also used as Mute button for audible alarm.
  • Includes one (1) 120VAC duplex receptacle with a PVC fume tight cover.
  • Configured for 120/230VAC, 60Hz –or– 230VAC, 50Hz electrical access. (Preference requested.)
  • One (1) or Two (2) 10-inch diameter top-located exhaust collars allows for customer connection (Number of exhaust collars depends on size of unit).
  • Located on rear base cabinet, is a junction box to allow for electrical connection.
  • Assembled, fully tested and shipped in two parts.

Maelstrom™ M120 Scrubber

(for 3 to 5 Foot FCE-MS Fume Hood)

Standard Features Include:

  • This System will include a two (2) chamber scrubbing section with inlet plenum, intermediate sump with drains and two (2) patented Cobra Spray nozzles, which are totally self-cleaning and non-clogging, and will be totally enclosed and sealed. This portion of the system will rest on the top of the fume hood, and will handle up to 580 CFM. 
  • Supplied will be a transition, also of polypropylene which will allow for connection of the duct.  Supplied with two (2) 10-inch flange connections.
  • Also supplied will be an appropriate sump, which will include an appropriately sized pump and a pH monitoring system. The system will monitor the pH level of the sump, and will automatically replenish and dilute the sump liquor.
  • All alarms and controls associated with the wet scrubbing system are located on the front side panels for easy visual and physical access. 
  • Electric solenoid valves will assist in monitoring the sump.


Electrical receptacles, sink, faucet, air/gas nozzles, spray guns, hot plates, partitions, shelves, various alarms, etc. (pricing upon request).

Plenum Wash Down System   

  • Strongly recommended when the process requires the use of perchloric acids on heavy acid digestions.
  • This option includes a spray manifold located within the exhaust plenum, on exhaust stack.
  • The manifold incorporates low volume, low pressure, full cone spray nozzles, all pre-plumbed to an electric solenoid.
  • A ¾-inch F.P.T. connection on the rear of the unit will be placed for house water connection.