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FCE - Single Wall Standard Features  

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FCE-Single Wall   Acid Resistant Polypropylene, Total-Exhaust Fume Hood/Work Station

The Salare FCE range of polypropylene ducted fume hoods are specifically designed for use in aggressive and highly corrosive environments.

The FCE Single Wall Fume Hood is one of the most economical units available giving the maximum work top space. The single wall FCE fume hood is designed as simple as possible and may be placed on an existing counter top or may include its own base cabinet when storage space is required.

Manufactured from all polypropylene with the ability to withstand most acids and many solvents, it is designed with virtually no metals. This eliminates the possibility of rust making these fume hoods very attractive to trace metal labs.

Salare can customize any of our fume hood ranges to meet your specific need or wish. As in all our ranges the FCE-Single Wall is available in practically any size desired and is manufactured in all polypropylene, flame retardant polypropylene, or almost any weldable plastic of your choice.

Supplied with its own base cabinet, these ranges of fume hoods are built to order and may be coordinated to match existing laboratory furniture upon request. The FCE-Single Wall is a fine addition to any laboratory for years of trouble free operation.

Standard Features Include:

  • Constructed from all white stress-relieved, acid resistant, non-corrosive polypropylene. All heat seam welded and tested.
  • Specific material selection for use with harsh corrosive acids and trace metal analogy.
  • The front of the unit will incorporate a raised front lip for spill containment with airfoil.
  • The work top will be from Ĺ-inch thick polypropylene, and will be heat seam welded and leak tested.
  • Counter-weighted, abrasion resistant, clear polycarbonate (Lexan) front sash, vertically gliding, fitted with sash stops.
  • Sash working height is 16 inches of opening and stops may be by-passed when needed.
  • Incorporates a rear baffle and internal ceiling panel for horizontal air flow.
  • Supplied with a fluorescent light fixture in all-polypropylene fume tight compartment, all welded with a translucent polypropylene lens.
  • A sealed light/switch/circuit breaker operates the light and is located above the by-pass grille.
  • When supplied with a base cabinet, the light switch may be located on the cabinetís service panel.
  • A 10-inch diameter top-located exhaust collar allows for customer connection. On units 6-feet and wider there will be two (2) exhaust connections.
  • Located on the top is a junction box to allow for electrical connection.
  • Configured for 120VAC, 60Hz or 230VAC, 50Hz electrical access (preference requested).
  • Shipped assembled, fully tested and ready to use.