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Standard Features  
LFE Series - Free-standing, Laminar Flow, Total-exhaust Work Station
LFES Series - Free-standing, Laminar Flow, Total-exhaust, Work Station
LFR Series - Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
VLF Series - Vertical Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
HLF-WM Series - Horizontal Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
HLF-WM Series
Horizontal Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Wall Module.

The Salare Series of Horizontal Laminar Flow Modules is designed to be free standing or they may be configured to flush mount into a wall for more space saving applications.

These Horizontal Laminar Flow Modules produce clean, particle free air (down to 0.3 micron particle size) creating a class 100 or better environment.

Air is drawn in at the top of the module through a high capacity pleated pre-filter and pressurized, then released through high efficiency particulate absorber (HEPA) filters in a horizontal manner. Unlike vertical laminar flow units which release air in a vertical manner and can impact surfaces, i.e.,drying out cavities, the slow moving air does not disturb sensitive equipment and/or processes and is virtually undetected.

These wall modules recirculate air within a given space and filter that same air over and over again, increasing efficiency with every air exchange. The flow rates are preset at 100 linear feet per minute and can be increased to 160 linear feet per minute. The large filter surface area allows a minimum of 2000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) to recirculate continuously without a vigorous air current. This wall module can recirculate up to 3200 CFM of air.

These Horizontal Laminar Flow Modules meet and exceed the Federal Standard 209E as set by the IES (Institute of Environmental Science) for air quality. This series of modules is manufactured completely from materials which will ensure no particulate generation and is suitable to create horizontal clean air tunnels.


  • Clean Room Tunnels (having critical prcesses closest to the unit and as the air travels horizontally reaching less critical processes)
  • Operating Rooms
  • Doctors’ Offices
  • Packaging Areas
  • Inspection Areas
  • Electronic Assembly Areas
  • Quality Control Areas

These applications are just a few examples of the many uses for the Horizontal Laminar Flow Modules. Please contact a Salare, Inc. Representative for more information orquestions regarding your specific applications.

Standard Features Include:

  • The module is fabricated from ½-inch all white stress-relieved polypropylene, all heat seam welded and dressed.
  • The polypropylene structure will be reinforced and ribbed internally creating a rigid structure for good stability and quiet operation.
  • The unit is designed as a free standing system which may be flush mounted directly into a wall if preferred and trimmed out for flush fit.
  • The unit is supplied with two (2) 30-inch x 48-inch x 6-inch aluminum frame HEPA filter which will have an efficiency of 99.997% (H-14) down to 0.3 micron particle size for best results in the O.R.
  • The main filters are accessible from the front of the unit and are protected by an anodized aluminum air diffuser properly sized.
  • The unit draws air in from the top and the air is then directed down behind the filters and evenly distributed behind the filter for good horizontal coverage.
  • The air volume rate is adjustable via a fan speed controller.
  • A magnehelic pressure gauge monitors the main HEPA filters and helps determine the filter life.
  • The unit is supplied with two (2) high capacity pleated pre-filters located on top, however the entire pre-filter assembly may be removed and inserted into a wall above the unit for flush mount when required.
  • The unit may be configured for either 120VAC or 230VAC single phase.
  • Main power connection is via a junction box on top of the unit.
  • The fans are direct-drive blowers which provide high air volume at medium to high pressure.
  • The fans include vibration isolation as well as a flexible booth on its output for vibration free operation.
  • The unit may be supplied as positive flow or reverse flow when needed.
  • The unit dimensions are: from 36 to 52 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 84 inches high when the pre-filters are placed directly on top. (Or custom sizes available.)