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LFE-Series Cut Sheet
Standard Features  
LFE Series - Free-standing, Laminar Flow, Total-exhaust Work Station
LFES Series - Free-standing, Laminar Flow, Total-exhaust, Work Station
LFR Series - Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
VLF Series - Vertical Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
HLF-WM Series - Horizontal Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
LFE Series
Free-standing, Laminar Flow, Total-exhaust Work Station.

The LFE is a laminar flow chemical work station designed to provide optimum protection to operator and ensure no particulate contamination to your product or process.  The ergonomically designed sloping front maximizes productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

Its functions supply clean sterile air over your process while an inward air flow, as in a conventional fume hood, protects the operator.

This versatile laminar air flow and total exhaust work station may be configured as:

  • a total exhaust fume hood with supply air off, or
  • a laminar flow hood with the exhaust fan off.

In either mode its unique design offers secondary containment for any spills that may occur and allows the operator to set the desired air flow rate.

Standard features include:

  • Constructed entirely from non-corrosive polypropylene with a clear abrasion resistant polycarbonate (Lexan) safety shield.
  • Cool white fluorescent lighting in a fume tight compartment.
  • 90% efficiency, type DP 1-40 pre-filter (pleated).
  • Supply fan(s) 220VAC 50Hz or 120VAC 60Hz
  • Ergonomic sloping front for easy access and extended reach.
  • The filtration system draws room air through a top located pre-filter with 90% efficiency into its positive plenum and through the HEPA filter(s), showering clean sterile air over the work top.
  • A blower speed control device is incorporated to allow adjustment of the clean air velocity.
  • The filtration system is powered by dynamically balanced motorized impeller(s) for excellent energy efficiency.   The fan(s) is housed in a positive plenum, which is coupled to the HEPA filter(s).   This design creates a negative environment around the entire inner top section.
  • The filter(s) will have an efficiency of 99.997% (H-14) down to 0.3-micron particle size giving a class 100 environment.
  • The station includes a top located filtration system, with a brushless spark proof supply fan rated at 1,200 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) at zero static pressure.
  • The work top is constructed from ½-inch thick polypropylene, segmented for easy access and cleaning, and is perforated to enhance linear flow downward into the secondary containment system.
  • The furthermost front portion of the work top is heavily perforated to allow for some inward flow of room air ensuring operator protection yet segregating contaminated room air from contaminating customer's process.
  • The back portion of the work top is heavily perforated for quicker extraction of vigorous gases.
  • A standard 1-inch raised front lip prevents any spillage out through the front of the station.
  • The unit will have a hinged, heavy duty, clear acrylic, front sash covering 12 inches of the 28-inch opening and leaving a 16-inch access area.
  • Incorporated is a fluorescent light fixture in a fume tight enclosure with all plastic hardware.
  • A Minihelic Pressure Gauge indicated the pressure drop across the main filter.
  • A valve panel has been incorporated for mounting of remote valves and services when required and is located on the front just below the spill containment lip.
  • The station incorporates a 16-inch deep secondary containment system with a 1½-inch FPT drain routed to the rear of the station for connection to the customer's house drain.
  • Below the secondary containment is just enough room to allow some storage space.   This storage space is accessed via sliding doors in front and internally removable panels in the rear.
  • The storage cabinet is also vented to the main plenum, which is located in the rear of the station and allows for air passage from the main work area, the secondary containment, and partially through the base storage cabinet.
  • Exhausted air exits through an exhaust collar.
  • Includes one (1) 18-inch x 60-inch x 3-inch non-metallic HEPA filter
  • Configured for 120VAC, 60Hz electrical requirements or 240VAC, 50Hz.
  • Removable rear plenum.
  • Shipped assembled, fully tested and ready to use.