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VLF - Series

Standard Features  
LFE Series - Free-standing, Laminar Flow, Total-exhaust Work Station
LFES Series - Free-standing, Laminar Flow, Total-exhaust, Work Station
LFR Series - Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
VLF Series - Vertical Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
HLF-WM Series - Horizontal Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station
VLF Series
Counter-top Vertical Laminar Flow Filtering/Non-Ducted Work Station.

Vertical laminar Flow work station are designed for the protection of the products handled within the work area from particle contamination.

Standard counter top vertical laminar flow units are available in widths from 3 feet to 6 feet.  Other sizes are available upon request.

Standard features include:

  • Constructed from all white stress-relieved polypropylene, all heat seam welded and tested.
  • The unit includes a top located filtration system with a HEPA filter. The filter will have an efficiency of 99.997% (H-14) down to 0.3 micron particle size, giving a class 100 environment.
  • The filtration system is powered by a dynamically balanced motorized impeller for excellent energy efficiency housed in a positive plenum which is coupled to a HEPA filter. This design creates negative pressure around the entire inner top section.
  • The filtration system draws room air first through a 90% top located pre-filter into its’ positive plenum, then through the HEPA filter, showering clean filtered air over the process.
  • A blower speed control device is incorporated to allow adjustment of the clean air velocity.
  • A Minihelic Pressure Gauge indicates the pressure drop across the main filter and helps determine the filter life.
  • Supplied with a fluorescent light fixture sealed behind an acrylic lens.
  • The work top of the unit is constructed from ½-inch thick polypropylene and is reinforced to prevent deflection.
  • A 14-inch hinged clear heavy-duty acrylic front sash covers half of the 28-inch high opening giving the operator ample working entry.
  • The front sash includes all plastic hardware with all edges polished to a high luster.
  • The interior of the unit (process area) will be completely metal free.
  • The right side of the unit has a 5 inch deep double wall post for any services needed.
  • The unit meets and exceeds the current Federal Standard 209-E.
  • The main HEPA filter is accessed via a front removable access panel.
  • Electrical requirement is 120VAC, 60Hz, 2.1 Amps.  Other voltages are available upon request.
  • Shipped assembled, fully tested and ready to use.

Digital air flow monitor may be added as an option.